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AW: userCertificate attribute question


"Your problem is that the attribute in question is defined without an equality matching rule and hence certain operations (such as add/delete of individual values) is limited."
(Kurt Zeilenga wrote that)

attributetype ( NAME 'userCertificate'
        EQUALITY octetStringMatch
        SYNTAX )
(I wrote that :)

(file: core.schema)

Kind regards,
Gerhard Duile

-----original message-----
Von: Madalina Baltatu [mailto:baltatu@athena.polito.it]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Februar 2002 11:33
An: OpenLDAP
Betreff: userCertificate attribute question


Could anybody tell me if userCertificate attributes are 
now single valued in OpenDLAP 2.0.22? 
With the prior OpenLDAP versions one entry could have 
more than 1 userCertificates.
I've got the following error while trying to modify 
an entry that already has an userCertificate:
ldap_modify: Inappropriate matching
        additional info: modify: add values failed
I use 
changetype: modify
add: userCertificate;binary

It works only with
changetype: modify
replace: userCertificate;binary

Thank you.

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