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RE: crashed db3 file

You might try the db_dump command to see if it will retrieve any of the
contents of the file. Then you can use db_load from that to recreate the dbb

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> Hi all,
> I need a very quick help.
> I was using db3.3.11 with openldap 2.0.21. However today because
> of no-free-space in disk,
> openldap stopped responding. When I investiagte have seen that
> id2entry.dbb dfile is
> broken.
> db_verify: Page 2781: Invalid next_pgno 2782
> db_verify: DB->verify: id2entry.dbb: DB_VERIFY_BAD: Database
> verification failed
> and also traces of openldap says can not open id2entry file
> because of this.
> when I try to use db_recover and db_recover -c nothing changes.
> It looks for several temp
> and log files. It can not find and terminates.
> DB_INIT_LOG and DB_INIT_TXN is not used in Openldap. So it seems
> I can not use db_recover.
> A message in the archives of this list says, I should try
> recompilng it with changing
> DBENV->open parameterrs by adding transactions. And after so,
> "maybe" I can recover.
> Anybody knows, anyway to recover a single dbb file?
> thanks in advance.
> Oguz Yilmaz