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cron && OpenLDAP

Hello all.

I have been searching all over the net for answers to
why cron stops working when users are authenticated from
OpenLDAP.  I have tested this and seems that it launches
only the first time and stops there after.  I am using
RedHat 7.X as the LDAP server and RedHat 7.X as the clients.
I can't figure this out.  Please, does anyone know
what i need to do to make this work.  

I have recompiled vixie's cron from the src rpm.  no luck.
There is no pam modules under /etc/pam.d/cron

I just don't know where to look now.  
I know people are using OpenLDAP, so are you not using any cron ?

Please help. input will be very helpful.

Thanks for listening.