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Re: Backsql faster then sleepycat dbm?

Thomas Cramer wrote:
> I do not think this is an easy yes or no question.  It depends:
> What type of database?
> What type of ODBC drivers?
> Does the database use indexations?
> How many joins do you need to construct an attribute?
> Where is your database server with respect of the ldap server?
> etc
> etc
> I am currently working on revising back-sql.  I haven't submitted any
> patches yet becuase I'm still working through the bugs (sorry).  I am
> currently working with a sybase back-end (11.9.2.something) with DataDirect
> Linux ODBC Sybase Drivers, and openldap 2.0.18(?).

If you plan to submit patches (which in principle are always welcome :)
you should consider working at HEAD code; recently HEAD code saw a 
significant API rewriting, so patches against older code would require
a loto of reworking and their review/acceptance could be significantly 


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