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RE: retrieving entries & ldapedit

Sorry I realised later that I have done this using ldapsearch etc., it's
just that
I'm using a particular application for querying ldap directories that
does not allow you to specify the scope of search, just the base, filter &

I was wondering apart from ldapsearch, ldapadd, and ldapdelete is there a
that will allow me to add attributes to entries in a directory.  The entries
not added to the directory by ldapadd, they contain certificates and are
in the directory by a CA; I wish to add a serial number (attribute) that is
only available
to me after the certificate and entry are entered in the directory.

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How do you think addressbooks in general are working?  Normally you 
specify some kind of top root (dc=com or so, applicable to your 
situation), and your client application has the entries defined which she 
is interested in...  e.g Outlook Express, Mozilla Addressbook, ...  and 
they take care for the download of entries.  All mailclients with
LDAP-addressbooks work this way.


On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Mclean, Patrick wrote:

> Can anyone please tell me if they know if it possible to retreive entries
> from a directory without specifying the entries distinguished name.  For
> example is it possible for an application using a base branch within a
> directory to retrieve for example all the phone numbers for the entries in
> that branch.  So all the entries phone numbers are retrieved and the
> application is only given the starting point in the directory and the
> attribute phone number.
> PM