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Re: replogfile problem

Mark de Jong writes:

I think I have read everything that's out there concerning this issue

you missed ITS#1335

but none of them seem to help. I am trying to replicate and am testing
the process in stages. First, I'm making sure that information is
written to the replogfile. The file and the lock file get created, but
nothing is ever written to slapd.replog. When I make a change in LDAP
the time stamp on slapd.replog.lock changes.

Since 2.0.14 (I think) slapd supports subtree replication;
as a consequence, replication info gets written only if
there's at least one replica that's interested in it (e.g.
a replica that handles the subtree of the entry being modified).

This behavior was intended, although it breaks the logging
of the modifications. In HEAD the code that restores the old
behavior has been added, behind a couple of #ifdefs; in the
future, it may be released again, although there's no clear
orientation about that (users' opinion might help :)


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