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RE: Another ACL question ...

At 05:28 PM 02/06/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>> 1) directly reference the SASL user id in ACLs, and that it is
>> not planned
>> for implementation.

There's nothing stopping you from defining ACLs that reference a SASL DN
   access to xyzzy by dn="uid=plugh + realm=plover"
will work fine in the released code.

Is there a way to insert the SASL returned DN? I know I can hard code the id, but how do I directly reference the id returned from the client bind?

Additionally, the code in HEAD allows configuration of regexp patterns to
map SASL DNs (as described above) to LDAP DNs (like your

I will play with this in the next couple weeks ... it sound promising.

Try using "sasl-realm" in your slapd.conf to define a default realm.
Ordinarily this shouldn't even be needed since a properly configured SASL
installation should be able to extract the Kerberos realm name on its own.

This is interesting! So far, I have added NO configuration to SASL since I have not been able to find any documentation on the use of SASL with Kerberos (I have been browsing their site, mailing archives and docs for several weeks). From what I can tell, my guess is that SASL "magically" figures everything out from the krb5.conf file.

Also, I have sasl-realm defined in the slapd.conf file. Can you supply an example of a working SASL configuration file for Kerberos?



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