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Re: help needed

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Ajit Nair wrote:

> hi to all,
>     I have developed a client who talks with OpenLdap.I now want this
> client to talk another ldap server (Netscape) through OpenLdap.My
> question is can we do this ?????

specify, talking to Netscape through OpenLDAP?  Do you want to mirror your 
Netscape LDAP tree into OpenLDAP, or do you seek some Abstraction Layer 
for ldap-trees?  Or maybe you want to access your netscape via openldap 
with referrals to netscape?



> If yes is it that i should be doing  some settings on OpenLdap Server.
> Can somebody please help me out.
> If any one can suggest me some reading material on this topic that would
> also be of immense help to me.
> Thanks and regards
> Ajit Nair
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