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ACL for group


I hope somebody can help me.

I put in slapd.conf

 access to
 dn="o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com"
 by dn="cn=admin,dc=Tnet,dc=com" write
 by groupdn="cn=managers, o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com" read

when I put ldapsearch -x -D "uid=ali, ou=hr, o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com -W
-b "o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com"

I get the message insufficient access:

What is wrong with ACL
or any other entry has to be modified?

I have a group entry

 dn: cn=managers, o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com
 objectclass: ....
 member: uid=ali, ou=hr, o=ABC, dc=Tnet, dc=com

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