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Re: Bind pb

Thank you for the answer.

In fact i discovered it yesterday, parsing the openldap-dev ML.



At 06/02/2002 01:07, Norbert Klasen wrote:

--On Montag, 4. Februar 2002 11:05 +0100 Christophe Thibault <chris@planisware.com> wrote:

Every time i try to bind to the server, it returns me a LDAP_SUCCESS
error code, when the provided DN is valid, even if it doesn't exist in
the database.

for example, a bind with dn :

"cn=dsnffksh" , no password (or anything !!)-> successfull (i don't have
any dsnffksh entry in my database)

An LDAP bind without a password is treated as binding as 'anonymous'.