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Can somebody please help.  I am trying to create a local schema just for
practice.  Following the Openldap Admin. guide, Schema Specification, I
created a local schema and added it to my slapd config file.  I then created
an .ldif file making use of the new schema, but when I try to add the new
entry using 'ldapadd' I get the error:- Object class violation additional
info: unrecognised objectClass 'myFortune' (this is the object class that I
meant to create in local schema).  Here is a copy of my schema file:

attributetype ( NAME 'age' DESC 'my lifeline' EQUALITY
caseIgnoreMatch SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch SYNTAX SINGLE-VALUE )

objectclass ( NAME 'myFortune' DESC 'my fortune' SUP inetOrgPerson
MUST (age)