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Re: Large Open LDAP Installations?

Thomas Hager <thomas.hager@1012surf.net> wrote:
>we're running an LDAP system with +600K user entries used for
>authentication and mail routing. we ran it with OpenLDAP 1.2.x for some
>years and switched to 2.0.21 two weeks ago.

Likewise, we only have ~300K entries, and we have been running the 2.0.x
series since August.

>we got 4 dual 1000mhz PIII machines with 1gb ram running linux and
>OpenLDAP 2.0.21. one serves as master, the other three are slaves.
>search requests are loadshared on all 4 machines by a radware wsd.
>slapd's cpu usage stays below 1%, memory usage is about 3%.

We're doing similarly, we have 3 Dell 2550's running FreeBSD (4-STABLE),
with a single master with multiple slaves.  Things have just been working
great so far!  For now, we are spreading load with a simple round-robin in
DNS, but we'll be trying to put the servers behind a layer-4 switch as soon
as we can (finally) get the L4-switch hardware in-house and tested.


Philip Kizer, Senior Lead Systems Engineer, Texas A&M University
USENIX Liaison to Texas A&M University         <usenix@tamu.edu>
Texas A&M CIS Operating Systems Group, Unix   <pckizer@tamu.edu>