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openldap 2.x and the dreaded missing matching rules question


I tried searching the incredible Faq-o-Matic and the archives for a
satisfying answer to the question where/when some of the missing
matching rules - namely caseIgnoreListMatch and
caseIgnoreListSubstringsMatch (are most important for me right now) -
will be available or how i can work-around the fact that they are

Is there a specific reason that these are not yet implemented or is it
just "stop whining. we haven't done it yet. either wait for us or
contribute a patch"?? Because if that's the reason it's not done yet,
i'm willing to look into this and contribute a patch...

I guess that the question wrt. working around that problem is (mostly)
on-topic on this list. Can anyone suggest a viable solution that would
work until the feature is coded?