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Re: Question with creating user accounts(What am I doing wrong?)

Could you tell me how would I do that?


Chapman, Kyle wrote:

the dn you are trying to use doesnt have read, based on the ACL you sent... give read to that dn and see what happens

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Subject: Question with creating user accounts(What am I doing wrong?)


I trying to configure my LDAP server to get accessed

# create an account
dn: cn=sunny bunny, ou=individual1,ou=addressbook,dc=MyDomain dc=com
objectClass: top
[ ... and so on ..]
uid: sunny
userPassword: crypted

then I have group account as
dn: cn=Administrator, dc=MyDomain dc=com
objectClass: groupOfNames
member: cn=sunny bunny, ou=individual1,ou=addressbook,dc=MyDomain dc=com
and so on..

then once these accounts have been added to ldap then I put the
following line

access to * by dn="cn=Administrator, dc=MyDomain, dc=com" read

The problem is , when I try browse LDAP with UserDN cn=sunny bunny, ou=individual1,ou=addressbook,dc=MyDomain, dc=com I get [ERROR] Insufficient Access

Any help is appreciated.