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Re: back-sql, ODBC driver managers and drivers

Long-long ago I used EasySoft's and Openlink's evaluation drivers to test
functionality, but they were limited in concurrency if I remember right...

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From: "Dan Melomedman" <dmelomed@devonitnet.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 5:10 AM
Subject: back-sql, ODBC driver managers and drivers

> I have a question for people who have experience with back-sql, ODBC
> managers, and ODBC drivers. I need this to serve some data out of MSSQL,
> currently FreeTDS ODBC driver is the only thing I found for Unix ODBC.
> However, it's not complete, and back-sql doesn't like it.
> What combinations of driver managers, and drivers work well with MS SQL
> server? Responses greately appreciated. Thanks.
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