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Re: Active Directory matching rule support (ITS#1302)

Upma Gandhi wrote:
> Hello  Developers,
>                                   Am I writing  something stupid or this
> mailing list is not for the kind of Qs. I asked  ?
>        I  just want to know the status of patch provided by Luke  for
> IntegerBitOrMatch and IntegerBitAndMatch.
>         Pls.  help me 'coz  my design is solely based on this design.,'coz
> I need to fire a filter after each 1 minute and my database can give me
> records in lacs if I  can't get help from above provided filter and I might
> not be able to process such a large number of records   within  one minute.

The code is in HEAD, as the message you cited states.
There's no plans to backport any new feature into 2.0,
so you'll have to wait for 2.1 or stay with HEAD code.


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