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Re: LDAPADD Problem

I'll be damned.  It works.  Originally I did a copy and paste from windows
to Linux.  Now that I wrote it over in VI it works.  Thanks for the help.

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Subject: Re: LDAPADD Problem

> > > > The problem is when I use ldapadd at the command line to have
> > > > read a LDIF file with multiple entries only the first entry is
> Is it possible that you wrote the LDIF file in Windows 9x/NT/2k and then
> tried to add the LDIF on a linux/unix system?  If that is the case you
> to make sure you do a ASCII upload when you FTP the file.  Or try
> the LDIF using the LDAP browser (http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/).
> - Vanson Samuel
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