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Re: Query regarding search operation in LDAP

Satvinder Singh writes:

Hello All,

I have a query regd. the available options for a
search operation in terms of filters for openLDAP.

The schema contains users who need to be given access
as per the time frame which has been allocated to
them individually, lets say User "A" is allowed access
to his directory only from HH:MM of DD/MM/YY to
So is there any way by which I can retrieve only
thosse entries which fall in a specific time
by the operator).

Interesting question. To my knowledge there's no easy way to do that;
at a first glance something like that could be attempted using ACL sets
and using the current time as given in the _experimental_ (HEAD only)
back-monitor. I understand your needs might require the introduction
of new ACL clauses.