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Re: mail routing schemas

oh no! it is there but commented out. hrm, anyone know why it would be commented out? here it is:

# OID needs to be determined
#objectclass ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.2.TBD
#       NAME 'inetLocalMailRecipient'
#       DESC 'Internet local mail recipient'
#       SUP top AUXILIARY
#       MAY     ( mailLocalAddress $ mailHost $ mailRoutingAddress ) )

does this look right?  I received it commented out.

Susanne Benkert wrote:

tdavis@birddog.com wrote:

Hello, why isn't there a mail routing schema provided with openldap? Or is there and I am just missing it. I see there is a little of it in nis.schema but that quite doesnt fit what I am looking for. I am looking for objectclass mailrecipient or localmailrecipient.

Any ideas?

THank you!

Have you already checked "misc.schema"? It came with Openldap-2.0.18. and contains "inetlocalmailrecipient", "maillocaladress" and others (I think newer version should also contain it, but I didn't check this).

Is this what you are searching for?

Bye, Susanne

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