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Re: request on multiple Databases

Is there a way of separating some part of the tree?  If that is possible, 
you can setup some referrals for parts of the tree...  At least, that's 
what the LDAP theory is advocating.  Than you can set up multiple servers 
easily, and is the main load of the servers more-or-less equally 

More-or-less, that is...

I suppose there are better ways for load balancing, but this one seems 
like a good starting point to me.

Good luck,,


On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Fabrice Nouet wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have a ldap-base of 100 000 users and I try to modify it in
> 3 bases of 30 000 users (3 differents servers).
> How to combine these three bases to retrieve all users in one ldap command 
> (I suppose it is in the slapd.conf file of each base) !
> Thank in advance,
> Fabrice
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No matter where you are, if you've got your localhost - you are safe and 
sound. You can route packets to yourself all the live long day without a 
care in the world.