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Do we have Wild card like "."

Hello All,
             I have a date of month (name it DOM) variable in one schema
of kind "IA5String".
Since we can have maximum of 31 days in a month.
 I want to store a range , like something is valid from  4'th of a month
to 7'th of a month.
 To address this thing, what I'm doing is , I'm taking this DOM as 4
bytes string ( 31 days= max of 4 bytes, where each bit represnt that
particular day).
 so, to store this 4-7 days range, I'm  setting bit number 4 to 7 to
"1", rest all bit position to "0".
 so, 4-7 range can be stored in LDAP  schema as  a concatenation of
(31-7)  zeros followed by  1111000 or more pictorically -

  |__________|__________|__________ |__________ |
  | 0 0 0 00000| 0 0 00000 0  | 00000000    | 01 1 1 1 0 00|

          Suppse , today is  5'th day of month and I want to see
whether  this DOM field of any record (suppose this DOM is part of one
record)   is set or not , but my problem is that I can't fire a filter
like  DOM=*1*, 'coz it will address to any bit at any postion which is
set.. If I could have something like wildcard ".", through which I can
each particular bit, it would be really nice .
Can anybody help me if  any how we can build  this kind of   filter.

Any help would be apprecaited.