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Re: Serious Concurrency problem with openldap-2.0.X

You wrote:
> In my previous post ("Search failure during update") I asked why I get no
> result from a search query while an update query is running on the entry
> being searched. I consider this kind of behaviour completely unacceptable
> in a serious environment. Imagine for example your SMTP server bouncing
I agree. We didn't start bashing the code because we thought it was
awesome ;)

Your 'problem' can be explained quite easily (I'm cheating though, fixed it
a year ago). During a modify the old indices are deleted before the new ones
are added. Combine this with the fact that there is no locking on indices
in back-ldbm and you're done.

This will of course be fixed in back-bdb, but that one is still under

Maybe Kurt can put some warnings in the faq-o-matic, which now clearly
states that 2.x is thread safe.

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