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Re: Search failure during update

"Michel.Minsoul" wrote:
> Platform        Openldap        LDBM            Binaries provider
> AIX-4.3.3       2.0.11          gdbm-1.8        compiled myself
> AIX-4.3.3       2.0.21          db-3.3.11       compiled myself
> RedHat-7.2      2.0.21          db-3.2.9        compiled myself
> RedHat-7.2      2.0.11          gdbm-1.8        rpm from RedHat dist
> My test failed in all of the cases except in the last one (with the
> openldap package provided by RedHat). In this case the lookup blocks
> until the end of the update and then returns the entry correctly.

This may be not relevant, however I note that the most recent RedHat 
packages are compiled --without-threads, so the success in the last 
case may indicate there's a concurrency problem somewhere.


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