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Re: Search failure during update

Could the difference come from the underlying BerkeleyDB version? Using
other software I did notice considerable differences between the current Db
version and previous ones. I suppose the binary RH rpm comes with its own DB
or is statically linked.


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From: "Michel.Minsoul" <Michel.Minsoul@ulg.ac.be>
To: "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org>
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Sent: Monday, January 28, 2002 11:42 PM
Subject: Re: Search failure during update

> On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
> > At 11:48 PM 2002-01-27, Michel.Minsoul wrote:
> > >> At 08:20 AM 2002-01-23, Michel.Minsoul wrote:
> > >> >Do you have any idea why the write and the read are not correctly
> > >> >serialized by openldap in this case ?
> > >>
> > >> By design, one requests are not serialized.  That is, the
> > >> search may appear to have occurred before or after the add
> > >> (but not during).
> > >>
> > >
> > >OK, this is exactly what I expect from openldap.  The search must occur
> > >before or after the update but not during. But the problem I have
> > >encountered suggests that this is not what happens since the entry
> > >is updated exists BEFORE the update and still exists AFTER the
> > >update. So why does the search fail randomly when it is started during
> > >update. If the search was executed before or after, the search would
> > >succeed since the entry always exists!
> >
> > Well, on an up-to-date system, I'd assume the filter you asserted
> > depended on the update.  If it wasn't, then I'd suspect you have
> > corrupted indices.  In which, you should make sure you are running
> > an up to date version of slapd and have completely rebuilt your
> > indices after updating.
> >
> > Kurt
> >
> I have made new tests with different versions of openldap, on
> different platforms and with different DB packages. In each cases, the
> database was built from scratch with slapadd (from the same LDIF file)
> just before doing the concurency test I described in my first post
> of this thread. This is what I get:
> Platform Openldap LDBM Binaries provider
> AIX-4.3.3 2.0.11 gdbm-1.8 compiled myself
> AIX-4.3.3 2.0.21 db-3.3.11 compiled myself
> RedHat-7.2 2.0.21 db-3.2.9 compiled myself
> RedHat-7.2 2.0.11 gdbm-1.8 rpm from RedHat dist
> My test failed in all of the cases except in the last one (with the
> openldap package provided by RedHat). In this case the lookup blocks
> until the end of the update and then returns the entry correctly.
> I am really confused and don't know what I did wrong when I built the
> package myself which could explain the problem. For the third case, which
> is certainly a common environment, I simply executed configure without any
> options. Could someone explain what's going on ?
> Regards,
> Michel.