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Re: Search failure during update

At 11:48 PM 2002-01-27, Michel.Minsoul wrote:
>> At 08:20 AM 2002-01-23, Michel.Minsoul wrote:
>> >Do you have any idea why the write and the read are not correctly
>> >serialized by openldap in this case ?
>> By design, one requests are not serialized.  That is, the
>> search may appear to have occurred before or after the add
>> (but not during). 
>OK, this is exactly what I expect from openldap.  The search must occur
>before or after the update but not during. But the problem I have
>encountered suggests that this is not what happens since the entry which
>is updated exists BEFORE the update and still exists AFTER the
>update. So why does the search fail randomly when it is started during the 
>update. If the search was executed before or after, the search would always 
>succeed since the entry always exists!

Well, on an up-to-date system, I'd assume the filter you asserted
depended on the update.  If it wasn't, then I'd suspect you have
corrupted indices.  In which, you should make sure you are running
an up to date version of slapd and have completely rebuilt your
indices after updating.