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AW: OpenLDAP on Win32

 http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp    (I did not test it until


Rob.Vieira@netiq.com wrote on 7 Jan 2002:

>A few things regarding Win32 compilation. 
>First, make sure that you check out the faq. You'll find a link on the
OpenOLAP sight that links off to the wonderful work >that's been done by
Fivesight (www.fivesight.com).
>The Win32 compilation works, but does tend to suffer a bit of the common
opensource/Win32 issues - namely, that most >opensource work is done for
UNIX/Linux, and then is ported to Win32 as virutally an afterthough (much
the way that many >things that start in Windoze and move to UNIX/Linux are).
>If all you're looking for is the executables, and you don't have a desire
to custom modify the code, then I would suggest >just picking up the
compiled binaries from Fivesight. If you really do want to compile
everything yourself, then there is a >set of instructions on the Fivesight
site, but, last I looked, it was still for 2.0.11. I was, however, able to
get 2.0.19 to >compile with a little tweak here and there (I did have to add
a replacement subroutine for creating a temp file since the >one used by
OpenLDAP wasn't provided in the VC6 libraries, but was reasonably easy - I
can dig it up for you if you run into >this same problem.
>As to the problems you're seeing. I suspect rather strongly that you just
have some hidden characters in the files that VC6 >is not dealing with well
- I can't recall, but I may have seen this myself, though I think it was to
a lesser degree than >what you appear to be seing. Basically, I would
suggest deleting any whitespace between the characters mentioned (more than
>likely, you'll see a new line between them) and then reinerting the
whitespace again - that works 99% of the time (note: I >only have a limited
set of test cases on this though) for me in these kinds of situations.
>Also, you'll probably see some more errors before you're done - it took me
about 5-6 hours to get it to compile, but I'm >also not the worlds greatest
C++ jockey either. 
>Again, if you're not looking to do your own custom work on it, then look at
just downloading the compiled binaries. 

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Von: Voglmaier, Reinhard Erich [mailto:rv33100@glaxowellcome.co.uk]
Gesendet: Sonntag, 27. Januar 2002 15:41
An: 'openldap-software@OpenLDAP.org'
Betreff: OpenLDAP on Win32

Dear All,

lot of time ago I got rid of a compiled version for Win32.
I don't remember who sent it to me.

Is there something available on the official OpenLDAP site ?
Is there somebody in possess of a working sw for win32  to sent it to me ?

thanx a bunch in advance 

Reinhard E.Voglmaier