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Re: Help is needed

At 06:20 AM 2002-01-25, Steve Simeonidis wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Using RH7.2
>I've written a small perl program that converts a MySQL address book to
>LDIF format and then I use ldappadd to add the entries to the database.
>Everything was working fine until I decided to add photos
>(jpegPhoto:< file:///var/spool/photos/Name Surname.jpg)
>I only have around 300 entries and 20 photos. The system starts
>adding the entries to openldap and after the 7th record the contains
>a photo exits with an error.
>adding new entry "cn=Tristan Chappell,  ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com"
>ldap_add: Can't contact LDAP server
>ldif_record() = 81
>If I don't add photos everything works fine.
>All the photos are jpeg images of different sizes 80-170K and I can view them
>on my Linux system.
>Any Ideas?????

First, you didn't URL escape the space in filename.
Second, you may be running up against sockbuf_max_incoming limits,
see slapd.conf(5).

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