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Performace difference

  i have a performance problem with new versions of openldap (I have tried
with 2.0.18 and 2.0.21).
  I have currently an ldap server with openldap 1.2.9 used for POP
authentication and user accounts. Database contains about 30'000 entries.
Response time for old openldap is good (about 30 msec for a search of type
*one* and on an indexed attribute). If I use openldad 2.0.21 time is 300
msec, about ten times slower! If there are multiple cuncurrent queries the
situation is the same. I have tried also with Berkeley DB 4 and gdbm and
the experimental --enable-cache=yes, but there are no differences. I'm
making this test on the same kind of computer, a PIII 1000MHz with 512M
RAM (same motherboard, ...) and I have done all the optimizations
described in teh FAQ. Can someone help me?