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possible stack corruption in 2.0.21?


I am experiencing problems with 2.0.21 that I suspect are due to stack
corruption.  Here's my environment:

Solaris 7 (sparc)
OpenLDAP 2.0.21 (previous version used was 2.0.17)
PADL's pam_ldap and nss_ldap

slapd and slurpd are working fine
ldapsearch (and the other utilities, I suspect) is working fine

What's wrong is that utilities that use NSS/nss_ldap on my client
workstations are sigsegv'ing somewhere between exit() and _exit().

More specifically,
Solaris 7's "id" command works
Solaris 7's "getent" command works
Solaris 7's "finger" command (uses NSS when no fingerd is up) fails
GNU's "id" command (sh-utils-2.0.11) fails

I rebuilt GNU's id with debugging and traced it.  Even though it
registers an atexit() function, it fails to reach it.  Back trace simply
shows an address somewhere in libc, for which I have no debugging

I've tried all versions between 2.0.17 and 2.0.21 with these results:

2.0.17 ok
2.0.18 ok
2.0.19 ok
2.0.20 not ok
2.0.21 not ok

The only thing that is changing is OpenLDAP.

I know this is not a very useful problem report, but it's the best I can
offer at this point.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'll continue debugging tomorrow,


Luca Filipozzi, ECE IT Staff, University of British Columbia
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