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openldap for a large multinational company


we are a mid scale company located in Germany, providing security and
system services for Unix environments. We are trying to get OpenLDAP
launched in a large multinational company, and we have to argue against
very expensive commercial solutions (siemens/dirX).  To better be able to
argue for openldap, we are looking for information regarding the following
two points.

- Are there other large multinational firms using OpenLDAP as a stratetic
  platform ? We are talking about the scale of,e.g., IBM, GE,
  Daimler-Chrysler (several 100k entries).

- Our customer is very concerned about highly qualified support as a
  backup for emergencies, ideally from someone actively involved in the
  openldap development, or with lots of experience with large OpenLDAP
  projects. I know open source support is pretty good, but they would like
  it much more to see a contract with, e.g., a guaranteed response time.
  They are *not* looking for someone to answer their daily newbie questions,
  but for someone to be available in a real emergency.  Are there any
  commercial OpenLDAP support offers like that in/for Germany/Europe ?
  Or is there anyone who can see an alternative solution ?

I know this posting is a little off-topic, but with the general openldap
list discontinued I didnt find any other alternative reaching the openldap
community. I suggest that you reply to me directly and I will mail a
summary to anyone interested (or to the list, if the list manager
agrees :-) )

Any help/tips are appreciated.


Goetz Golla