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Re: OpenLDAP with 35000 users

Michel Angelo da Silva Pereira - KIDMUmU|ResolveBucha wrote:

Hi Michael, thanks for you email and advice.
I received an email today from someone of the list, telling that he is using +150000 users on a LDAP database.
And suggest me to maintain the file indexed, because it can slow down my server.
I'm going to do some tests next friday, and let's see what happen =)


do you think one box with postfix will be enought ?
If not, you'll have to dispatch the load. Then, you can easily create replica's and share the load to multiple ldap servers. Of ourse, the master will have to deal with 35000 entries read.write. but you will not have so many writes a day, do you ?

Maybe you also need to consider another ldap server (netscape,... ?).
I just read some test saying that it was more stable.

Do you know how to architecture the final system ?

This is not solution, just clues.