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Re: Performance and capacity of OpenLDAP (can I use it?)

Sure. Assuming you mean common queries (i.e. queries that match a single
entry only and queries only against indexed attributes), that machine
should be able to handle 1000 queries per minute.


Jakob Breivik Grimstveit wrote:
> I want to use OpenLDAP to contain a large directory (1,5 million entries)
> with ten (optional) attributes of about 50 chars each. The directory should
> be able to respond within a couple of seconds (max) with 1000 searches per
> hour in the busy time of day. Only one level tree is needed (if that affects
> performance). Indexing should be made on uid, cn, mail and gn to decrease
> wait time on search. The directory have a high frequence of reads, but
> update speed is not that important (probably one bulk of 1,4 mill, then some
> additions of 10k-50k once in a while, in addition to about the same number
> of updates). The directory is going to run on "SunOS machinename 5.8
> Generic_108528-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2" (if you wanted to know for
> performance predictions).
> Is it possible? Can I use the newest Berkeley DB (4.0.14) with the newest
> OpenLDAP (2.0.21) without any problems for this?
> Does any members of this mailinglist have any hands-on experience with a
> comparable directories as this one?
> Thanks for a great mailinglist!
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