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Performance and capacity of OpenLDAP (can I use it?)

I want to use OpenLDAP to contain a large directory (1,5 million entries)
with ten (optional) attributes of about 50 chars each. The directory should
be able to respond within a couple of seconds (max) with 1000 searches per
hour in the busy time of day. Only one level tree is needed (if that affects
performance). Indexing should be made on uid, cn, mail and gn to decrease
wait time on search. The directory have a high frequence of reads, but
update speed is not that important (probably one bulk of 1,4 mill, then some
additions of 10k-50k once in a while, in addition to about the same number
of updates). The directory is going to run on "SunOS machinename 5.8
Generic_108528-07 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2" (if you wanted to know for
performance predictions).

Is it possible? Can I use the newest Berkeley DB (4.0.14) with the newest
OpenLDAP (2.0.21) without any problems for this?

Does any members of this mailinglist have any hands-on experience with a
comparable directories as this one?

Thanks for a great mailinglist!

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, Morvikbotn 341, 5122 Morvik
jakob@grimstveit.net, www.grimstveit.net, 55195667, 48298152

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