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Moving global addressbook from nt 4 sp4 to openLDAP

question 1:

anybody has experience moving global addressbook from nt 4 sp 4 to openLDAP,
i need schema to configure my openLDAP server, if someone experience this,
please give me solution to migrate from exchange to openldap.

question 2:

no our server using nt 4 sp 4 but i want to search/query from global addressbook
from exchange ldap server but there are any error:

  # ldapsearch -h galaxy.astra-honda.com -x -P2 -s sub "objectclass=*"
    the message is 'protocol error'

  # ldapsearch -h galaxy.astra-honda.com -x -D"c=ID,a=,p=astra-honda,o=PT Astra Honda Motor"
     ldap_bind: Invalid credentials

i can solve this problem, if anybody has explanation or solution please share to me.

thanks all.


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