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Re: Using Radius for authentication...

On 22/1/02 10:25 PM, "Stephan Siano" <stephan.siano@suse.de> wrote:

> Well, you should better ask the questions on a Mac OS X specific forum
> because what you actually want to know is how to authenticate Mac OS X
> against RADIUS. 

Well yes this is what I want to do, but through LDAP... (because of the
superior compatibility I can get with other services), so I really don't see
how this is off topic.  I've already started writing something to do OS X
authentication straight to the Radius server without using LDAP, but I'd
like to be able to store the extra info that LDAP allows, as the Radius
server simply stores userid and password.

The fact that I'm doing this on an OS X box is irrelevant, it could easily
be any other kind of box and I'd be in exactly the same position...

> To keep in topic... :-) If you absolutely want to keep the LDAP-Interface and
> the RADIUS server is able to provide all necessary information, you could
> write your own back-radius for slapd...
> Yours
> Stephan Siano

OK. Thank you for answering my question, which was whether anyone had
already done this.


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