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performance problems with 2.0.11 and solution


Just wanted to share my experiences with a performance problem I had;

Using pam_ldap, logins took about 4 seconds to authenticate,
but if slapd was running in debug mode ( slapd -d 256 ), authentication
was instant. I used debugmode to try to optimize searches and indexing
attributes, so I was quite annoyed (or relieved? :) when the delay
dissappeared for no apparent reason.

Also, ldapsearch was 0.01 seconds in debug-mode, and 0.80 seconds
when started "normally".

Anyway, to make a long story short; The redhat setup uses a special
user, 'ldap' to run slapd. When I started slapd in debugmode, I was
using the root account. Starting with /etc/init.d/slapd start caused
the ldap account to own the slapd process.

Finally, I found that I had slapindex'ed as root, and some indexes
were therefore owned by root. chown'ing these to the ldap user solved
the mysterious delays.

Feature wishlist: warn to stdout if the indexes are not owned
by the slapd process :)