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Re: AW: Certificate stored as binary??

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 07:19:03AM +0100, Duile Gerhard wrote:
> Hi lui,
> my workaround is calling the command line version of "ldapsearch" with "-t"
> option out of the php script, then to open and read the created file(s)
> containing the binary certificate(s). Not really elegant code, but it
> works...
>   $certfiles = `ldapsearch -x -LLL -h ldap.myserver.de -b "c=de"
> "uid=user0001,o=myorg,c=de" -t userCertificate`;
> Now array $certfiles holds the names of the files with the usercertificates.
>    I guess, the problem stems from a bug in php.

Have you tried to report it? I haven't seen it. I think you should try
to ask on PHP lists. If you did I would tell you about how I retrieve
binary data just fine using ldap_get_values_len() in PHP. I would also
be interested to see what didn't work for you. But this should be done
on PHP list.