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Re: your mail

Mclean, Patrick wanted us to know:

>application is: 'Object class violation'  indicating I guess that an entry
>does not have all the required attributes or has attributes that are not
>allowed.  It would be helpful if I had a more informative exception message.

Start up the slapd process in a debug mode, which will prevent it from
daemonizing.  Then all debug output appears on the terminal.  You do it
by passing "-d NUM" to slapd, you can look through man slapd to figure
out what NUM should be equal to.  A "-d -1" will show all debug output.
It's a lot :)  See if that narrows it down for you.

A quicker way might be to remove attributes until you find the one
that's causing the violation, then figure out what the error is.  A copy
of your LDIF might prove useful to see what you're trying to import and
which objectClasses you're using.
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