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Re: slave ldap and master ldap scenario question

At 12:59 AM 2002-01-17, Daniel Holden wrote:
>    I have been thinking of setting up a ldap (system?) like so...
>        A (master?) LDAP server that is on our internal network.  All
>entries for usernames and passwords, email addresses, etc.  would be entered
>on this one.
>    I would also like to setup a (slave?) LDAP server in our DMZ.  This
>would be accesable for people outside our network to query.  My question
>is... can I only send some of the info from the master to the slave?  For
>instance I don't want to send passwords to the slave LDAP server.  Is this
>setup possible?

The current tools do not support fractional (non-whole entries)
replication, but do support subtree replication (a type of
partial replication).

>Daniel Holden