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Re: Fw: on SASL

Turbo Fredriksson wanted us to know:


Very impressive piece of work.  I have some questions though.  I am
working on a Mandrake 8.1 box.  Cyrus-SASL with the libraries for
digest-md5, plain, and cram-md5 are installed (Mandrake makes each a
seperate rpm, dunno if others do that).

This ties LDAP + TLS + SASL + Kerberos together to get LDAP v3.  
According to documentation that I've found on the web, I should be 
able to get secure replication using just SASL.  Is that correct?  Even
if it's not correct, I should still be able to get SASL working

Now, I know that the following does not work.  What I'm looking for is
pointers as to why.  In the master ldap config file, I define three
replicas.  The first is a simple bind and it works well.  The second is
a simple bind to an alternate port and it works well.  The third is my
attempt to use SASL and it's failing.  Does anything look obviously

replogfile      /var/log/ldap/replicate-Grand.log
replica         host=gteshome:389
replogfile      /var/log/ldap/replicate-District2.log
replica         host=gteshome:50389

Doesn't work:
replogfile      /var/log/ldap/replicate-District3.log
replica         host=gteshome:53389

In the config file for the slave ldap server for port 53389, I have:

In all documentation that I've seen, it's always all caps like this.
Why?  When I create my SASL users, it is case-sensitve.  I assume that
means it's important.  I did try it all lowercase, but it didn't work

For ACL's, I have:
access to attrs=userPassword,lmpassword,ntpassword
        by self write
        by dn="UID=TLYONS.MRBALL.NET" write
        by * none
access to *
        by self read
        by dn="UID=TLYONS.MRBALL.NET" write
        by * search

[root@gteshome root]# sasldblistusers
user: tlyons.mrball.net realm: gteshome.mrball.net mech: DIGEST-MD5
user: tlyons.mrball.net realm: gteshome.mrball.net mech: PLAIN
user: tlyons.mrball.net realm: gteshome.mrball.net mech: CRAM-MD5

These were created with:
[root@gteshome root]# echo "todd" | saslpasswd -p -a slapd -u gteshome.mrball.net tlyons.mrball.net

There was some confusion on my part if I had to create these users with
"-a slapd" or "-a ldap" or just blank, which should default to "-a sasl".
I figured that out by stracing it :)  It also was inferred that the
entries in the SASL db needed to be lower-case.  Is that correct?  I have 
a /usr/lib/sasl/sasl.conf, ldap.conf, and slapd.conf, all three of which 
have had various incarnations of:
    pwcheck_method: sasldb
    pwcheck_method: sasl
    pwcheck_method: digest
    pwcheck_method: DIGEST-MD5
and a few others.  Do any of them look right?  Remember, I'm just trying 
to use SASL.

If I have some basic misunderstandings of SASL, please put me on the
path to enlightenment.  In the meantime, I'm studying your HowTo.
Blue skies...		Todd
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