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Addressbook setup

Hi all,
I am quite sure this is a faq but I've done some searching on the openldap.org
site and the greater internet and I'm having trouble finding it.

I want to set up ldap server to do lookups from Outlook or Netscape Communicator.

I want to be able to add and remove entries (somehow?) and possibly control
who has access to do so?

There seems to be little information that a newbie ldap type can get going with.
The documentation in the Admin guide and even the Quick start guide seems ( to
me ) to have gap between getting the software running and maintaining an ldap
I think a chapter like "So now that you have your ldap server running what do
you do with it?" that could walk through setting up the most basic of
databases for use in an actual application...Or maybee it's there and I just
fail to see it.

Can someone help me?

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