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Re: uuencoded values

At 10:34 AM 2002-01-18, Craig Hancock wrote:
>Where can I go to find out what attributes are stored in base64 format.

Stored?  By which application?  LDAP defines how values are
transferred.  LDIF defines how values can be interchanged.
Applications, in an application depend manner, define how
they store values.  Some applications may store attributes
in LDIF form (as slapd/back-ldbm does), but others may use
other forms.

LDIF does allow a base64 value representation.  Applications
generating LDIF, like ldapsearch(1) or slapcat(8), can use the
base64 for any and all values if they choose to (they must use
it for values which cannot be represented using the UTF-8
form).  Hence, applications reading LDIF must be prepared to
accept the base64 form for any attribute.