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Re: Certificate stored as binary??

At 08:47 PM 2002-01-17, Lui Yeok Peng wrote:
>      is it OpenLDAP will store the whole x.509 certificate as binary?
>or just the path name which has been encoded? This is because when i use
>file inclusion format like
>       "userCertificate;binary: < file:/home/user/cert.der"
>and it just show me one line regarding the certificate which has been encoded.

That exactly what you asked OpenLDAP to do.  Try:

        userCertificate;binary:< file:///home/user/cert.der

>i wonder if i have doing something wrong, can anybody help me?
>       If the certificate is really stored as binary, is it the responsible by the OpenLDAP or client side to decode it?
>       thanks!
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