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ssl/tls with libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap debian packages


I'm a Debian Woody user.

I've installed openldap 2.0.21 with SSL/TLS support (from tarball, not
debian package) and it works fine.

I use ldap to authenticate users on my office network and like a common

Secure connections work fine with Netscape messenger, Outlook Express,
Mozilla messenger.

I've installed libpam-ldap (v.134) and libnss-ldap (v.174) packages (from Woody distribution) and it works fine again without ssl/tls activation.

I've no result, when I try to activate ssl/tls in pam_ldap and
libnss_ldap files configuration.

I (re-)compiled packages with enable-ssl option.

My pam_ldap.conf and libnss_ldap.conf are same files and look like :


host ldap.mydomain.com

basedn dc=mydomain,dc=com

ldap_version 3

pam_password crypt

port 636

ssl start_tls

tls_checkpeer no


I've tried many things without any result.

No logs helped me.

Has anybody tried ssl with Debian nss pam ldap packages?

Thank you for your help and your time.

Nicolas Audheon.