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RE: How to :

Salut Kurt,

I would like to carry on this discussion with you.
I have been developing LDAP software client since 1999 and the problems
encountered are always the same :
- missing an attribute specifying the number of "children entries??" of
  its DN (in order to improve the performance in a tree).
- missing a function able to return the attributes of a class.
- if some attributes are empty, to enable them to inherit the values of the
  above (parent) class (cases mentioned hereafter)
  Regarding what we debated recently, don't you think that, in an "object"
  logic and in certain situations, this functionality speaks for oneself ?

Some solutions to these problems may exist but unfortunately, the
documentation regarding the development seems a bit weak to me.

So, Kurt, excuse my English but I'm french speaker.



J'aimerai poursuivre cette discusion avec toi.
Je developpe des clients LDAP depuis 1999, et les problemes rencontres sont
toujours les memes :
	- Un attribut specifiant le nombre d'entrees enfant de son DN (raison de
performance dans un tree).
	- Une fonction pouvant retourner les attributs d'une classe.
	- Que certains attributs si ils sont vides, heritent des valeurs des
attributs de la classe parent (cas evoques ci-dessous)
	   Ce dont nous avons debatu dernierement, ne trouve tu pas que,
	   dans une logique objet et dans certaines situation,
	   cette fonctionnalite coule de source ?
Peut etre existe t-il des solutions a ces problemes, mais helas la
documentation concernant le devellopement me semble faible.


Hi Kurt,

Not share, but heritage ?

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Attributes of entries are not shared with other entries.


At 06:06 AM 2002-01-09, De Leeuw Guy wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have :
>        dn: o=Eurofer, c=be
>        objectClass: EurOrg
>        objectClass: top
>        o: Eurofer
>        mail: the@mail.adress
>        postalAddress: the postal address
>        postalCode: 0000
>        l: where
>        co: countryname
>        telephoneNumber: 0
>        facsimileTelephoneNumber: 0
>        description: The European Iron and Steel Industry
>        dn: cn=De Leeuw Guy, o=Eurofer, c=be
>        objectClass: EurPerson
>        title: M.
>        telephoneNumber: 0
>        facsimileTelephoneNumber: 0
>        mail: G.De_Leeuw@eurofer.be
>        cn: De Leeuw Guy
>        sn: De Leeuw
>        givenName: Guy
>When I open the entry "dn: cn=De Leeuw Guy, o=Eurofer, c=be" with a client
>I receive only the information of this entry, but i need also information
>about the company :
>        o: Eurofer
>        postalAdreess: the postal address
>        postalCode: 0000
>        l: where
>        co: countryname
>It is possible ?
>Thanks in advance