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Re: search on multiple filters

At 08:23 AM 2002-01-16, Kulbir.S.Thind@gsk.com wrote:
>Does anyone know if its possible to do an LDAP query using multiple filters
>and if so how is this done.

I note that questions not specific to OpenLDAP really belong on the
general LDAP list <ldap@umich.edu>.

>Is it possible to do this using the
>ldap_search_s API?  Also is it possible to retrieve a subset of the
>attributes matching the query and filter using the same API (i.e

As I'm in a generous mood, I'll give a brief answer.

One and only one filter is provided with a LDAP search operation
and, hence, the API has one filter parameter.  That filter can
be simple or complex and is used to determine which entries within
scope are to be returned.  The search operation has other parameters
which select which attributes are to be returned.

Again, if you have other general LDAP questions to ask, please take
them to the general LDAP list <ldap@umich.edu>.