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LDAP load ballancer / proxy ?

    I was wondering what is available in terms of an ldap load
ballancer / proxy.
    Basically I have a multimaster setup of ldapservers.  I want
to reduce the overhead of binding/authentication by only doing
it: 1) on startup 2) whenever a "crashed" server is brought back
online, or whenever a connection is reinitialized.  I would like
the proxy to monitor the pool of "constantly" open connections
to enable failover and load ballancing.
   PEN and Linux Virtual Server won't work as they will either:
   1) require reauthentication and binding at each request
   2) always stubbornly connect me to the same machine.

   I know that the Java LDAP API's (Netscape, JNDI,...) offer
some options (in terms of pools of servers for failover...) but
I don't quite see a full proxy soultion.  Alternatively does
openLDAP support "LDAP Proxied Authorization Control", and if so
is there a good guide somewhere for how to use it.

For failover purposes I realize that the Netscape API (and
probably JNDI and other API's) will allow