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RE: Why is LDAP so complex?

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[pretty good response cut out here]

> Now, if you don't mind forking off an (initially) OpenLDAP-specific
> alternative to LDIF, and your goal is to make the grouping of attributes
> more explicit, consider something like the configuration languages used by
> BIND or Kerberos:
> create {
> 	dn={dc=example,dc=com}
> 	objectClass={dcObject,organization}
> 	o="Example Company"
> 	dc=example
> }

An interesting suggestion, except that you're using the same syntax for
dn (which takes ordered components) as you used for a multivalued attribute,
(objectclass) which is unordered. I think this whole thread is an example of
trying to fix what isn't broken, instead of looking at what is...

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