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Re: mailRecipient

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Igor Brezac wrote:

: On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Randall S. Winchester wrote:
: > The OID's in misc.schema should not be trusted. In particular, the
: > LASER spec never assigned OID's for the objectclass
: > "InetLocalMailRecipient" or the attribute "mailLocalAddress". The rest
: > of the attributes are all defined my Netscape and are their published
: > OIDs.
: >
: Hmmm...  sendmail implemented LDAP ROUTING using LASER spec.  Is this no
: longer recommended way of routing email?

It is the "default" in sendmail, being that we try to be good
standards based supporters (and several of us were involved with
LASER). However it is simple to pass in aguments to
FEATURE(ldap_routing) to fit with your schema of choice. The point is
there has not been sufficient vendor agreement to move forward on what
it really an "intranet" (domains which you are responsible for)
standard. LASER is pretty good, but you may often find you need to
query for the "mail" attribute as well as mailalternateaddress or its
LASER alias, maillocaladdress.

But I am now off topic, and expect Kurt to boink me if I do not
divert(0) |-).