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Problem adding binary attribute > 100Kb

I'm using release 2.0.18 and trying to insert a binary audio file into an
attribute that with binary syntax.  I am receiving the following error:

05:56:49 PM: Failed to add 'gvr-custom-wav' attribute for
ldap://myhost/gvr-Listing-ID=2, gvr-business-id=137590, l=Leesburg, st=VA,
ou=LocalBusinessListings, c=US, o=RevCo
Root error: Connection aborted by peer: socket write error
(Actual LDAP response code is: 81, which I believe stands for 'Other' error)

Using LDAPBrowser (which gives you a persistent connection) this actually
causes the LDAP connection to drop.

I've tried to insert the file using the command-line tools:
ldapadd,ldapmodify; and the Java equivalent tools LDAPAdd,LDAPModify; and
also through the Java SDK --> still with the same error.

It is most strange, because it does work for wav files < 100Kb

I've looked everywhere for answers, any assistance would be appreciated...

Todd Bracken